Vol. 21, Year 2021:

List of papers:

4219–232A dedicated sensitivity analysis and optimization application for industrial processesKamila Myczkowska, Danuta Szeliga
4209-218A repeatability study of artificial neural network predictions in flow stress model development for a magnesium alloyHubert Siewior, Lukasz Madej
4203-208On the approach to the analysis of the growth of epitaxial layers by pulsed laser depositionEvgeny L. Pankratov
4193-202Aircraft wing structural design application in MATLAB App DesignerAhmed Bilal, Faisal Siddiqui, Messam Abbas, Mohtashim Mansoor
4181-192Processes simulations with multiscale materials models using a dedicated interfaceGrzegorz Smyk, Danuta Szeliga
3163-175Evolutionary data driven modelling and many objective optimization of non linear noisy data in the blast furnace iron making processBashista K. Mahanta, Nirupam Chakraborti
3157-162Conversion of compression test data into flow curve, accounting for barrellingShahin Khoddam , Peter D. Hodgson
3149-156Mathematical modelling of the continuous casting of blooms and beam blanksDaniela Fátima Gomes, Bernardo Martins Braga, Roberto Parreiras Tavares,
Maurício Covcevich Bagatini
3139-148Effective properties of periodic media
in elastodynamic problems
Rolando Yera, Carlos G. Méndez, Pablo J. Sánchez, Alfredo E. Huespe
3129-137The role of neighborhood density in the random cellular automata model of grain growthMichał Czarnecki, Mateusz Sitko, Łukasz Madej
2105-122On the prognosis of the growth of a heterostructure from a gas phase to analyze the possibility of decreasing mismatch-induced stresses Evgeny L. Pankratov
295-104A new BEM for modeling and simulation of 3T MDD laser-generated ultrasound stress waves in FGA smart materialsMohamed A. Fahmy
283-94Artificial intelligence approach for detecting material deterioration in hybrid building constructionsAndrei V. Chesnokov, Vitalii V. Mikhailov, Ivan V. Dolmatov
275-82An evaluation of the mechanical properties of 13MnSiCr7 steel by digital image correlationMarcin Kempny, Radosław Rozmus
263-74Optimization of material distribution for forged automotive components using hybrid optimization techniquesPrzemysław Sebastjan, Wacław Kuś
151-58FFT-based simulation using a reduced set of frequencies adapted to the underlying microstructureChristian Gierden, Johanna Waimann, Bob Svendsen, Stefanie Reese
135-50Considering semi-crystallinity in molecular simulations of mechanical polymer properties – using nanoindentation of polyethylene as an exampleSusanne Fritz
125-34A numerical simulation study of mold filling in the injection molding processMarkus Baum , Denis Anders
113-24The influence of material aging on the structural behavior of a flexible roof with a polymer membrane shellAndrei V. Chesnokov, Vitalii V. Mikhailov, Ivan V. Dolmatov
15–12A model for changing the technological process for the growth of epitaxial layers by means of the heating of the growth zoneEvgeny L. Pankratov