Vol. 18, Year 2018:

4 134 – 142 Using neural networks to predict the low curves and processing maps of TNM-B1 Johan Andreas Stendal, Aliakbar Emdadi, Irina Sizova, Markus Bambach 
4 128 – 133 Experimental and numerical investigations on the forming behaviour of hybrid structures produced by non-kinematical constraint manufacturing processes Bernd-Arno Behrens, Alexander Chugreev, Henrik Schulze
4 120 – 127 Cellular Automata model of carbonitrides precipitation process in steels Przemysław Marynowski , Henryk Adrian , Mirosław Głowacki
4 115 – 121 Sedimentation in binary Cu-Sn system Daria Serafin, Wojciech J. Nowak, Bartek Wierzba
3 107 – 114 Numerical analysis of damage during hot forming Joanna Szyndler, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Junaid Afzal, Markus Bambach
3 98 – 106 A simulation study on the closed-loop control of screw press forgings using the impact energy as control input Markus Bambach, Benjamin Sydow, Markus Hirtler, Alexander Sviridov
3 90 – 97 Simulation of microstructure evolution during forging and heat treatment of Ti-6Al-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si Titanium Alloy Artem Alimov, Sergey Stebunov, Nikolai Biba
3 81 – 89 The mixed FEM for analysis of quantum-dot systems based on gradient theory Jan Sladek, Vladimir Sladek, Miroslav Repka, Slavomir Hrcek
2 64 – 78 Rule-based controlling of a multiscale model of precipitation kinetics Piotr Macioł
2 58 – 63 The use of computer image analysis in determining material flow in the roller press compacting unit during compacting of fine-grained material Michał Bembenek
2 49 – 57 The imaging algorithm for the ultrasonic testing of metal castings by the application of automated testing systems based on a six degree of freedom robotic manipulators Dmitry Dolmatov, Vadim Zhvyrblya, Dmitry Sednev, Michael Kroening
2 41 – 48 Heading of a small bi-metallic components for electric contacts Wojciech Presz, Robert Cacko
1 29 – 40 Using the Hypergraph Grammar for generation of quasi optimal element partition trees in two dimensions Jakub Ryzner, Maciej Paszyński, Anna Paszyńska
1 18 – 28 Nonlinear dynamic analysis of axially moving porous FG plate subjected to local force with kinetic dynamic relaxation method Mostafa Esmaeilzadeh , Mehran Kadkhodayan
1 11 – 17 The highest entropy production during diffusion Daria Serafin, Bartek Wierzba
1 1 – 10 Application of the immune algorithm IRM for solving the inverse problem of metal alloy solidification including the shrinkage phenomenon Adam Zielonka, Edyta Hetmaniok, Damian Słota