Vol. 20, Year 2020:

List of papers:

no.Pages TitleAuthors
4173–184An accuracy analysis of the cascaded lattice Boltzmann method for the 1D advection-diffusion equationRobert Straka, Keerti V. Sharma
4165–172The effect of the assumed thermophysical properties of steel on the heat transfer calculation result in contact phenomenaMarcin Rywotycki, Zbigniew Malinowski, Aleksandra Przyłucka,
Krzysztof Sołek
4157–164The influence of coolant velocity on the local heat transfer coefficient during steel quenchingArtur Szajding, Andrzej Gołdasz, Tadeusz Telejko
4147–155Identification of the average and local boundary condition of heat transfer during cooling with a water spray under surface boilingElżbieta Jasiewicz, Beata Hadała, Zbigniew Malinowski
4139–146Development and verification of the scale formation model during high temperature oxidation for S235 steelAleksandra Przyłucka, Agnieszka Cebo-Rudnicka, Marcin Rywotycki, Joanna Augustyn-Nadzieja, Zbigniew Malinowski
3121–132Mean field and full field modelling of microstructure evolution and phase transformations during hot forming and cooling of low carbon steelsDanuta Szeliga, Krzysztof Bzowski, Łukasz Rauch, Roman Kuziak, Maciej Pietrzyk
3113–120Numerical investigation of the influence of explosive welding process setup on the Ti/Cu interlayer morphologyMateusz Mojżeszko, Mohan Setty
3107–112On the method of changing the temperature of liquids and gases in a transportation system by local heating or coolingEvgeny L. Pankratov
395–106A hybrid statistical approach for texture images classification based on scale invariant features and mixture gamma distributionSaid Benlakhdar, Mohammed Rziza, Rachid Oulad Haj Thami
385–94An efficient Monte Carlo Potts method for the grain growth simulation of single-phase systemsNoureddine Maazi, Balahouane Lezzar
272–80Perceptive review of augmented reality applications and their outlooks in the forging industryMateusz Sitko, Bartłomiej Wesołowski, Jacek Adamus, Łukasz Lisiecki, Klaudia Piotrowska-Madej, Łukasz Madej
263–71A novel feature bıometrıc fusıon approach for irıs, speech and signatureMamta Garg, Ajat Shatru Arora, Savita Gupta
247–62FEM analysis of working conditions on the stress and strain of low-capacity disc granulator framesMichał Bembenek, Karol Jankowicz
240–46Analysis of elastic deformation of amorphous polyethylene in uniaxial tensile test by using molecular dynamics simulationTien-Thinh Le
133–39Physicochemical characterizati on of the fuel by the ultrasound methodSaid Soudani, Mohammed Mekkaoui, George Nassar, Ziane Derouiche
124–32Sphere packing algorithm for the generation of digital models of polycrystalline microstructures with heterogeneous grain sizesLucyna Hajder, Lukasz Madej
114–23Decoupled homogenization of hyperelastic composite with carbon black inclusionMartyna Poręba-Sebastjan, Wacław Kuś
17–13Finite and boundary element analysis of crack closureMateusz Holek, Piotr Fedeliński
11–6On prognosis of variation of properties of epitaxial layers by choosing of temperature field during growthEvgeny L. Pankratov