Vol. 15, Year 2015:

4481-491Physical and mathematical modeling of static recrystallization process in the wires of MgCa08 alloy after drawing in heated diesAndrij Milenin, Piotr Kustra, Dorota Byrska-Wójcik, Maciej Pietrzyk
4469-480Numerical prediction of fracture during manufacturing of thick wall tubes from low ductility steels in flow forming processAndrij Milenin, Piotr Kustra, Dorota Byrska-Wójcik, Maciej Pietrzyk
4459-468Application of isogeometric analysis to modeling of elastic deformation in dual phase materials by using Statistically Similar Representative Volume Element on heterogeneous hardware devicesBachniak Daniel, Rauch Łukasz
4447-458Computations of RHEED intensities for growing surfaces of GaAsZbigniew Mitura
4441-446Modelling of laser welding for materials with different propertiesAleksander Siwek
3435-440On application of heterogeneous hardware architectures based on advanced RISC machines to fem calculationsKrzysztof Bzowski, Łukasz Rauch
3427-434Visualizing the high-resolution models and microscopic images using web-based systemsKamil J. Dudek, Oskar Bożek
3416-426Thermal-mechanical-microstructural model of rolling and cooling of railsGrzegorz Smyk, Monika Pernach, Mateusz Ambroziński
3409-415Control method of winding quality in shrink sleeve labels converting processKrzysztof Krystosiak, Wojciech Werpachowski
3394-408Dp_builder – the computer system for the design of the continuous annealing cycles for DP steelsGrzegorz Górecki, Roman Kuziak, Norbert Kwiaton, Łukasz Madej, Maciej Pietrzyk
3380-393Structural evolution and mechanical properties changes in dual-phase steel during continuous annealing processRoman Kuziak, Krzysztof Radwański, Władysław Zalecki, Artur Mazur, Andrzej Wrożyna, Norbert Kwiaton, Jean Christophe Hell, Jean-Louis Collet
3371-379Numerical investigation of the static recrystallization inhomogeneities across the plate thickness during continuous annealingMateusz Sitko, Łukasz Madej, Konrad Perzyński, Norbert Kwiaton, Roman Kuziak, Krzysztof Radwański
2362-369AMD APU Systems As A Platform For Scientific ComputingFilip, Krużel; Krzysztof, Banaś
2353-361Micro-scale heat transfer. Algorithm basing on the Control Volume Method and the identification of relaxation and thermalization times using the search methodB.Mochnacki, M.Ciesielski
2346-352Prediction and investigation of fracture initiation in warm forging of martensitic stainless steel with aid of FEM simulationLisiecki Łukasz, Skubisz Piotr, Karwan Jarosław
2336-345Multiscale modelling of ferritic-pearlitic steel deformation in rod drawing process by using statistical representation of microstructureDmitrii Konstantinov, Krzysztof Bzowski, Aleksey Korchunov, Alexander Pesin, Maciej Pietrzyk
2327-335Application of the control theory to modelling austenite-ferrite phase transformation in steelsIvan Milenin, Monika Pernach, Maciej Pietrzyk
2322-326Use of process models to estimate CO2 emission reduction for top gas recycle furnaceSahu, Rajeev;Sen, Prodip
2311-321Modelling of the die wear in the hot forging process using the Archard modelMarek Wilkus, Sławomir Polak, Zbigniew Gronostajski, Marcin Kaszuba, Łukasz Rauch, Maciej Pietrzyk
2294-310Metalforming methods dedicated for aerospace industry.J. Szyndler, L. Madej
2265-293Recent and future developments in finite element metal forming simulationS. Andrietti, J.-L. Chenot, M. Bernacki, P-O Bouchard, L. Fourment, E. Hachem, E. Perchat
1258-263DEvice simulation and multi-objective genetic algorithm-based optimization of germanium metal-oxide-semiconductor structureChen, Chieh-Yang;Li, Yiming
1251-257Measurement of residual stresses in hot-rolled steel sheets for laser cuttingSzymański, Wojciech;Lech-Grega, Marzena;Gawlik, Maciej;Kokosza, Adam;Chochorowski, Adam
1244-250Numerical research on brake calliper piston’s weight reductionPetrov, Michael;Philippov, Yulian;Petrov, Pavel
1239-243Modelling of clinching joint pull-out testGronostajski, Zbigniew;Polak, Sławomir;Bartczak, Bartosz
1232-238Characterization by infrared spectroscopy of binder based on polyethylen glycon and Inconel 718 feedstock for powder injection mouldingAlexandre, Royer;Jean-Claude, Gelin;Thierry, Barriere
1226-231Method to identify rheological constitutive model adapted for powder injection moulding process using inverse methodClaudel, Dimitri;Jean-Claude, Gelin;Sahli, Mohamed;Thierry, Barriere
1219-225Evaluation of macroscopic stresses in discrete element models of sintering processesRojek, Jerzy;Nosewicz, Szymon;Pietrzak, Katarzyna;Chmielewski, Marcin
1213-218Dealing with periodic boundary conditions for 1D, 2D or 3D isogeometric finite element method.Łoś, Marcin;Paszyński, Maciej;Dalcin, Lisandro;Calo, Victor
1204-212Application of the fully automatic hp-adaptive FEM to elastic-plastic problemsOleksy, Marta;Cecot, Witold
1198-203Crack analyses in conducting and non-conducting piezoelectric solidsSladek, Jan;Sladek, Vladimir;Zmindak, Milan;Hrcek, Slavomir
1192-197Multi-frontal parallel direct solver for one dimensional isogeometric collocation methodLipski, Paweł‚;Paszynski, Maciej
1185-191Optimization and application of GPU calculations in material scienceKorpał‚a, Grzegorz
1179-184Calculation of the Fe-Fe3C phase equilibrium diagramAdrian, Henryk;Marynowski, Przemyslaw;Jedrzejczyk, Dariusz
1176-178Competition between Kirkendall shift and Frenkel effect during 2D diffusion processWierzba, Bartek;Wierzba, Patrycja
1169-175Homogenization of fiber metal laminate structures characterized by orthotropic and elastic-plastic material modelsNowak, Tomasz
1162-168Experimental characterization and numerical modeling of the mechanical behavior of half sandwich laminate in the context of blankingChen, Lin;Clausmeyer, Till;Tekkaya, A.Erman
1156-161Determination of friction factor by ring compression testing and Fe analysisGzyl, Michal;Sikora, Kamil;Olejnik, Lech;Rosochowski, Andrzej;Qarni, Muhammad Jawad
1150-155The modelling of ring tests at elevated temperatures for the determination of friction in Ti-6Al-4V forgingsPollard, J.D.;Wynne, B.P.;Jackson, M.;Watford, A.
1144-149Numerical investigation of refill friction stir spot welding jointsDerlatka, Anna;Lacki, Piotr
1137-143The numerical analysis of a titanium sheets welding process and welding joint tensile behaviorAdamus, Konrad;Lacki, Piotr
1127-136Optimizing the performance of electrically poled polymeric filmsTyagi, Renu;Pant, Millie;Negi, Yuvraj
1118-126Differential evolution for sustainable supplier selection in pulp and paper industry: a DEA based approachJauhar, SunilL Kumar;Pant, Millie;Nagar, Mahesh C.
1111-117Multi-objective optimization of phthalic anhydride catalytic reactor using genetic algorithm with simulated binary jumping genes operatorTrivedi, Vibhu;Ramteke, Manojkumar
1103-110Hybrid parallel evolutionary algorithm in optimization of 2D grapehene-like materialsMrozek, Adam;Kuś›, Wacł‚aw;Burczynski, Tadeusz
194-102Optimization of geometrical structures of modern materials by using a hybrid evolution strategyJackiewicz, Jacek
185-93Extracting knowledge from integrated experimental data on the ADI manufactureMrzygłód, Barbara;Olejarczyk-Wożeńska, Izabela;Opaliń„ski, Andrzej;Gł‚owacki, Mirosł‚aw
178-84Control of lead refining process with the use of Case-Base Reasoning approachRojek, Gabriel;Regulski, Krzysztof;Jarosz, Piotr;Gabryel, Jacek;Kusiak, Jan
171-77Intelligent interface for decision support system in metallurgical domainRegulski, Krzysztof;Rojek, Gabriel;Wilk-Kołodziejczyk, Dorota;Kluska-Nawarecka, Stanislawa;Nawarecki, Edward;Dobrowolski Grzegorz
165-70Artificial neural networks and response surface methodology as a tool for analysis the spindle torque in FSP processWę™glowski, Marek St.
158-64Determination of heat transfer coefficients under closed loop controlled constant contact pressuresGaldos, Lander;Saenz de Argandona, Eneko;Mendiguren, Joseba;Ortubay, Rafael;Agirretxe, Xabier;Marti­n, Jose Miguel
151-57W-temper forming of AA7075 aluminum alloys as an alternative to the warm and hot stampingGaldos, Lander;Saenz de Argandona, Eneko;Ortubay, Rafael;Mendiguren, Joseba
144-50Numerical simulation of the roll levelling of DP1000 steel using a nonlinear combined hardening material modelSilvestre, Elena;Saenz de Argandona, Eneko;Mendiguren, Joseba;Galdos, Lander
137-43Calculation of the Forming Limit Curve for grade 2 titanium using modified sample geometryWinowiecka, Julita;Lacki, Piotr
130-36Influence of tool geometry on surface condition of V-bend aluminium sheetMorawiński, Łukasz;Kocańda, Andrzej
123-29Concept of thermal modelling for hot strip rolling of magnesiumNam, Alexander;Prufert, Uwe;Eiermann, Michael;Kawalla, Rudolf
113-22Cyclic shear behavior of austenitic stainless steel sheetGeijselaers, Bert;Bor,Ton;Hilkhuijsen, Peter;van den Boogaard, Ton
15-12Materials Modelling in Industrial Bulk Metal Forming Processes and Process ChainsHirt, Gerhard;Bambach, Markus;Lohmar, Johannes;GÜVENÇ, Onur;Henke, Thomas;Schwich, Gideon