Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system as a verification tool for constitutive models of deformation with complex strain path changes

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system as a verification tool for constitutive models of deformation with complex strain path changes

Paulina Graca, Krzysztof Muszka, Janusz Majta, Konrad Perzyński

AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Krakow, Poland.



Effects of the strain path changes that occur during metal forming have been the subject of theoretical and experimental studies in the light of deformation inhomogeneities. Modern multiphase steels were used as their mechanical properties are very sensitive and strictly dependent on the combination of microstructure components with different levels of their mechanical responses. DIC as a precision tool has been used to investigate the deformation inhomogeneity during the tensile tests of specimens previously deformed with complex strain path history. The study was focused on the combined metal forming processes (i.e. Accumulated Angular Drawing (AAD), Wire Drawing (WD) and Wire Flattening (WF)). These processes are characterised by a combination of various deformation mechanisms (area reduction, torsion, bending, burnishing), and thus, are strongly affected by nonlinear strain path changes. Then, data provided in the experimental part of the work was used to assess the existing constitutive equations in the light of their applicability for the prediction of mechanical response of materials subjected to nonlinear loading conditions. In the numerical analysis, work hardening model (i.e. Chaboche model) was investigated. The results of computer simulation were then compared with the DIC measurements and conclusions regarding applicability of the proposed approach were drawn.

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Graca, P., Muszka, K., Majta, J., Perzyński, K. (2016). Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system as a verification tool for constitutive models of deformation with complex strain path changes. Computer Methods in Materials Science, 16(1), 47 – 53.

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Digital Image Correlation, Work hardening models, Strain path changes


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