CMMS :: Scope
Scope of the Journal:
  • Scientific disciplines: metallurgy, materials science, applied computer science.
  • Thematic scope: applications of computer methods.
  • Computer methods: soft computing, evolutionary computing, knowledge/experience extraction and management, agent technologies, message-passing and shared memory parallel simulation algorithms, cluster and grid implemented algorithms, pattern recognition and pattern processing, numerical methods, computer graphics, artificial intelligence.
  • Applications: modelling of phenomena and processes, computer simulation, control, optimization, computer aided design of tools and technologies, design of materials, inverse analysis.
  • Materials: metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics, composites, wood, functionally graded materials, nanomaterials, materials with memory etc.

Title of Journal:
Computer Methods in Materials Science QUARTERLY

Title of Journal in Polish:
Informatyka w Technologii Materiałów KWARTALNIK

ISSN: 1641-8581
Publishing House: AKAPIT
Current issue: Vol. 19, 2019, No. 1
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