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The best papers in 2007 have been chosen by Editorial Board. Click on the links below to download them for FREE.:

B. Roebuck, K.P. Mingard, M. Brooks, E.J. Palmiere, B.P. Wynne, M.J. Thomas, Mapping microstructure in AC and PSC testpieces deformed at high temperature, 7, 2007, 4, 406-415.

J. Rojek, Discrete element modelling of rock cutting, 7, 2007, 2, 224-230.

M. Bernacki, Y. Chastel, H. Digonnet, H. Resk, T. Coupez, R.E. Log, Development of numerical tools for the multiscale modelling of recrystallization in metals, based on a digital material framework, 7, 2007, 1, 142-149.

M. Milesi, Y. Chastel, M. Bernacki, R.E. Log, P.-O. Bouchard, Explicit microscopic fatigue analysis of forged components, 7, 2007, 4, 383-388.

A. Mrozek, W. Kus, T. Burczynski, Application of the Coupled Boundary Element Method With Atomic Model in the Static Analysis, 7, 2007, 2, 284-288.

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