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Acceptance criteria

All submitted manuscripts will be judged by qualified reviewers according to established criteria for technical merit. The review procedure begins in the editorial office as the Editor chooses two reviewers for the manuscript. Each reviewer submits his recommendation on the basis of the evaluation of the following aspects: originality of work, technical quality, clarity of presentation, importance in the field. See Reviewing Procedure for details

The possible reasons of rejection are as follows:

Lack of novelty - The paper does not contain new and significant information adequate to justify publication.

Errors of logic - The paper contains errors of logic or conclusions not based on the performed research etc.

Lack of quality of communication - The paper does clearly express its case, measured against the technical language of the field and the expected knowledge of the journal's readership? The attention has been paid to the clarity of expression and readability, such as sentence structure, jargon use, acronyms, etc.

Plagiarism - see Publication ethics for details.

Self plagiarism (redundant publication) - see Publication ethics for details.

Fragmenting research findings - see Publication ethics for details.


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Computer Methods in Materials Science QUARTERLY

ISSN: 1641-8581
The AGH University of Science and Technology Press
Current issue: Vol. 20, 2020, No. 2
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